Landscape & Traffic Concerns

Thank you to those of you who attended the meeting on 7/9/19. Below you can find our updated images of the site plan and landscaping plans. As discussed last night, the design team determined locations where trees would be the most impactful in providing privacy to the homeowners on Oxford Street, which we recognized as an important concern raised in previous neighborhood meetings. The locations of the trees can be found on the site plan and elevations below.

Another topic of conversation was traffic. In an effort to address the concerns regarding existing traffic conditions, safety and congestion we are having a traffic engineer study the existing traffic conditions surrounding the site.

Looking Toward The Future

Thanks to those that have attended our first two neighborhood meetings on 5/13/19 and on 6/4/19 and to those of you that have shown a general interest in the project. As we continue to gather feedback and refine our plans, we will be using this website as a resource to share plans and information that we share at neighborhood meetings in the event you aren’t able to attend. Below you can find a host of images and reference plans highlighting exterior architecture for both the retail and residential as well as site design and landscaping.

Feel free to use the “Feedback” tab if you have specific questions or would like to share your thoughts or concerns about the project. Look for an update about our next neighborhood meeting in the coming weeks along with updated posts that answer some of the most frequently asked questions we’ve received regarding the project. We appreciate your feedback and continued engagement as we look to strengthen this neighborhood landmark.